Altian Freedom part 1

After Action Report: Mission 1, part 1 OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield. Phase 1: Clear through Frini township Orders:… Read More ›

Protecting the Airframe

Flying in ARMA is pretty hard with the accuracy of AI, the number of threats that can be plonked down and the number of things that cause you to inexplicably explode. I think it’s important to remember some key concepts… Read More ›

ARMA 3: Insurgency

A couple of nights ago just about everyone was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 so a few of us who don’t own it jumped into a public server running Insurgency. This could be just about the only time I’ve played… Read More ›

Short Road to Hell

Sunday night saw OCB and a few guys from CTB take on a Haydos mission special. A Short Road to Hell featured the platoon supported by IFVs moving across Altis island to capture an airfield. The way had to be… Read More ›

Invasion Reshmaan part 3

“We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk out…” Sunday night saw the return to Reshmaan for part 3 of our operation there. I took on the platoon leader role (callsign: Zero-Alpha).  We had two UH-1Y transport/support helicopters, X-Ray 1 &… Read More ›