Flight Simulation

Chatham Islands!

An X-Plane community member, Chris messaged me the other day to highlight their scenery for the Chatham Islands. The scenery can be found here. The scenery itself doesn’t come with any ortho, so users have been adding their own. To… Read More ›

Gisborne again

Not a huge amount of work for this update. Gisborne has been updated to 2017 imagery which fixes a lot of discolouration. I’ve also added a mask to the harbour, around the outer side at least. I can’t get too… Read More ›

Water you lookin’ at?

I slowly lost my mind yesterday and probably spent a couple of hours last night trying to recreate the masks for the whole of New Zealand that included more coastline. As you can see above, the mask looks horribly broken… Read More ›

Water way to go…

Another area of focus has been to improve some of the harbours that have airports. Currently in X-Plane these are often masked out and become deep blue sea straight off the shoreline. The new scenery will improve this in areas…. Read More ›

Various changes!

Over the past couple of days I’ve spent my free time fixing up a few things. Mainly around Queenstown and the central North Island. One area of interest was a dis-colouration of Tongariro and Ruapehu. Fixing the colours is a… Read More ›

Meltford Sounds

Next I’ll be working on the Milford Sounds, an area I’ve never been happy with. There seems to be quick a few issues with this area which I couldn’t get my head around a few years ago. Lazy me. Here’s… Read More ›