ARMA 3: Insurgency

A couple of nights ago just about everyone was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 so a few of us who don’t own it jumped into a public server running Insurgency.

This could be just about the only time I’ve played on some other public server in the last year or two. It didn’t seem like much was happening until a few of us jumped in. Then just about everyone was tagging along with the organised OCB group.

By the time I turned up with an armoured vehicle for transport we were ready for a new objective, so we split from most of the others and headed off.


  • The new Marksmen DLC is awesome.
  • The new sound system seems a bit underwhelming
  • I have a bug where my controllers disappear so I dont think flying is an option right now
  • This is easy mode, when you die you can get revived pretty easily, which is necessary when you’re going up against overwhelming numbers and armoured vehicles

Categories: ARMA 3, Battlefield Simulation

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