[LN]Frozen Isolation (coming soon)

“Warning order: pack your winter gear, we’re heading north, way north.”  OCB Deploys to isolated island of Thirsk to support Finland and NATO in providing security against separatist aggression Situation: POLitical: Russia has been taking steps to annex a region… Read More ›

Soldiers of Misfortune

Apparently I can’t read and made the video Sons of Misfortune not Soldiers of Misfortune. Derp. We take part in a Rhodesian (read: Zimbabwe) police action in 1972. Farms are being attacked by communists rebels (or something). Our job is… Read More ›

Hostage rescue!

OCB take off from a friendly airbase in a C-17 with civilian vehicles on board. We then fly off to a foreign country host to a hostage crisis. Using a ruse we approach the ATC, military checkpoints and main terminal… Read More ›

Outpost Juliet: Hold the fort

A great tactical ARMA 3 mission by Knight. I’m heading up the Marine unit stationed in town at OP Juliet. One squad has hit an IED and is waiting for relief from the convoy which then rolls into our outpost.