Short Road to Hell

Sunday night saw OCB and a few guys from CTB take on a Haydos mission special. A Short Road to Hell featured the platoon supported by IFVs moving across Altis island to capture an airfield. The way had to be cleared by a unseen unit destroying an early warning communications tower and by our unit assaulting and clearing a town.

I took up team leader position in Bravo squad. We approached the town through the low ground before assaulting up the road with a left flank being taken by Charlie squad.

As a note, the default sound doesn’t seem to be very loud. I have the sound turned down from prior patches, but this new sound system seems to require the sound effects volume needing punching up. Anyone else agree?

The airfield assault was looking really tense but unfortunately the server was brought down due to a crash. I’m not sure why, as the performance was good and nothing special was happening behind the scenes to cause the problem. It may be completed in a follow up sequel.

Categories: ARMA 3, Battlefield Simulation

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