Invasion Reshmaan part 2

Playing as platoon commander, we take on Reshmaan Province in a bid to take a bridge. It get’s pretty interesting when some nasty IEDs detonate near us. 

Initially we headed out in convoy on the road with a plan to set one MRAP into over-watch while the others enveloped around.  Multiple armoured vehicles were detected but they were inactive. 

Continuing on, we were hit by an IED and right side contact with limited effect. Staying mounted we pushed through. A very large IED detonated in town which surprisingly didn’t injure anyone. 

Upon getting to the objective bridge, two MRAPs were put in overwatch while the sniper team located enemy armour, one MRAP was lost to enemy fire before AT engaged and destroyed a BMP-1 and T-55. 

The bridge was taken which immediately prompted a platoon of BMPs to counter, multiple casualties were taken but the squads worked well to deploy the available AT and destroy the BMPs. After this the mission quickly ended with success. 

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