ARMA 3: The Saboteur

I hid the silenced pistol in my bag with several explosive charges and left the inflatable ashore, hidden by the rocks. Several infantry patrols wandered down the street while guerrillas were noticeable much closer to the bomb factory…

arma3 2016-06-05 11-07-07-66

Invasion Sahrani: Day 2

Friday night saw the kick off of my new campaign: Sahrani Invasion, Day 1. Our platoon was slightly shorthanded because Friday night isn’t a normal tac night.  We had a massive firefight clearing defensive positions which was good fun to see…. Read More ›

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  • ARMA 3: Tanoa Map – First Look


    ARMA 3’s new expansion map is on the internet for the first time today. This is the base map for ARMA 3’s new expansion DLC. It should be out in a matter of weeks. Of note you can see this is… Read More ›

  • A-10C Red Flag Campaign for DCS World 2

    So I’ve taken a break from gaming for about 6 months. Mostly I’ve just been bumming around on my MediaPC in the lounge with Cities Skylines. I’m moving house in a few months so I’ll have faster internet and more… Read More ›

  • Scenes from Op Talon: Bravo Squad Leader

    OP Talon

    Last week’s mission saw OCB perform a High Altitude Low Opening paradrop insertion into a new map for us: Kunduz, to take out a collection of Shilka self-propelled AAA guns. Supported by an AC-130 Spectre gunship (callsign Griffin) we were able to… Read More ›

  • DCS Live Streams!

    If you haven’t been keeping up to date with DCS World you may not have seen the live streams that kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has been on twitch livestreaming the latest test… Read More ›

  • ARMA 3: Stratis Operations

    Stratis Ops

    Stratis Operations: MISSION: Insert into Camp and setup defenses. Clear routes of IEDs and conduct an Assault on enemy bomb factory. Stratis Operations was a smaller mission that I ran. The enemies were placed down and largely controlled using Zeus… Read More ›

  • Altian Freedom part 5 – the final push

    OCB Altian Freedom 5

    This is a video I just uploaded but we actually played through it a couple of weeks ago. It’s the final phase of an operation that saw our platoon supported by an A-10 clear up the remaining irregular forces holding… Read More ›

  • Squad Pre-Alpha Sneak Peek

    Squad Sneak Peak

    On Saturday night I had about an hour of pre-alpha gameplay of the spiritual successor to Project Reality, a BF:2 mod. Squad is a team based tactical shooter that emphasizes hardcore elements, such as easy deaths, no magic HUD and movement… Read More ›

  • Altian Freedom part 3

    OCB Altian Freedom 3

    Here’s a video from last week’s second mission of the Altian Freedom online campaign. In this mission our task is to spearhead a convoy through enemy lines to capturing several over-watch positions and clear a main supply route. 

  • Altian Freedom part 2

    OCB Altian Freedom 2

    After Action Report Mission 1, Part 2 OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield. Click here for part 1 After… Read More ›

  • Altian Freedom part 1

    OCB Altian Freedom 1

    After Action Report: Mission 1, part 1 OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield. Phase 1: Clear through Frini township Orders:… Read More ›