The most annoying ARMA 3 bug…

ARMA 3 has an annoying bug that means I can’t use my HOTAS stick and throttle and pedals! Players using Windows 8 lose connected controllers when a check is made upon opening the in-game config menu. ARMA asks Windows what devices are connected and Windows for some reason loses sticks, throttle and also my rudder pedals!

So, obviously the workaround is just to never open the configuration menu in game. Which means that you can’t configure your HOTAS Joystick and Throttle to work properly. This means I’m effectively grounded from ARMA 3. It’s a pain and as you can see from this report it’s not a new bug. Unfortunately it’s probably not BI’s fault because ARMA is just asking Windows what devices are connected and Windows is getting it wrong. Some users speculate that this might be a power saving thing, I’m not so sure.

Checking what controllers are connected when loading the configuration menu is important as lots of people forget to run the Track-IR software, so ALT-TABing out and loading the Track-IR software, then jumping into the configuration menu in-game will enable Track-IR without the need to restart the game. Unfortunately for me though is that to do that I have to lose my joystick and throttle and my rudder pedals.


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