OCB Operation: Final

Taking on the role of 0-A with a cold, we head out to the capital city to put this campaign to bed!

So ANZAC day came and went on Saturday with gridlock at 0530. Luckily I opted to dress up warm and cycle to the dawn service, filtering past dozens of cars trying to cram into every town centre.

Not so lucky for me, I got a cold that lasted all of Sunday. Sunday night saw us take on the final chapter of the campaign of Russian forces fighting on Sahrani.

The basic premise is that the resisting forces have fallen back to defend the capital. We are to use what we have left (and we’ve lost quite a bit of armour!) to sweep assets up at the airfield and take the capital. I have DC with me who is operating as a forward observer, controlling artillery fires and a KA-52 Alligator for close air support.

The platoon is made up of two rifle squads (Reddeth, Piro leading) a weapons squad with PK machinegun (lead by Knight) and a couple of support BMD light armoured vehicles (commanded by Guder and Xerxes).

The mission maker buried himself in bravo squad so he didn’t have an unfair advantage over the operation.

Being platoon leader, there’s a lot of radio chatter, map looking, observing from cover. Basically the only way you’re going to enjoy this kind of gameplay is if you think of it as a game of chess or a RTS game involving talking on the radio to move any piece.

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