Invasion Reshmaan part 3

“We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk out…”

Sunday night saw the return to Reshmaan for part 3 of our operation there. I took on the platoon leader role (callsign: Zero-Alpha). 

We had two UH-1Y transport/support helicopters, X-Ray 1 & 2, fully crewed and 3 maneuver squads on the ground. 

Our task was pretty simple, land, clear towns of insurgents, locate weapons caches and destroy them. This led to a lot of air/ground interface for support fire from their miniguns and also pick ups and drop offs.

It was a long night but the time spent preparing paid off with no KIA taken (this is a no-respawn game, once your dead, you are relegated to spectator mode to cheer on the enemy). 

The mission itself didn’t really end with a climatic battle so I threw in a musical montage instead. Now that we have a bit more records keeping going on I can also include credits! Accuracy may not be 100% though. 

Categories: ARMA 3, Battlefield Simulation

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