Battlefield Simulation

Short Road to Hell

Sunday night saw OCB and a few guys from CTB take on a Haydos mission special. A Short Road to Hell featured the platoon supported by IFVs moving across Altis island to capture an airfield. The way had to be… Read More ›

Invasion Reshmaan part 3

“We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk out…” Sunday night saw the return to Reshmaan for part 3 of our operation there. I took on the platoon leader role (callsign: Zero-Alpha).  We had two UH-1Y transport/support helicopters, X-Ray 1 &… Read More ›

[LN]Frozen Isolation (coming soon)

“Warning order: pack your winter gear, we’re heading north, way north.”  OCB Deploys to isolated island of Thirsk to support Finland and NATO in providing security against separatist aggression Situation: POLitical: Russia has been taking steps to annex a region… Read More ›

Soldiers of Misfortune

Apparently I can’t read and made the video Sons of Misfortune not Soldiers of Misfortune. Derp. We take part in a Rhodesian (read: Zimbabwe) police action in 1972. Farms are being attacked by communists rebels (or something). Our job is… Read More ›