Soldiers of Misfortune

Apparently I can’t read and made the video Sons of Misfortune not Soldiers of Misfortune. Derp.

We take part in a Rhodesian (read: Zimbabwe) police action in 1972. Farms are being attacked by communists rebels (or something). Our job is to mount up and head out into the bush to stop these perpetrators.


  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • HQ


  • Commander: Lyndiman
  • Platoon Sergeant: Davo
  • Alpha: Knight
  • Bravo: John Rambo
  • Charlie: Piro

Part 1

We started off at the police station drinking until we couldn’t see straight when at around midnight word arrived that a nearby farm had been hit.

We mounted up in land rovers armed with Self Loading Rifles and MGs and proceeded towards the farm in question.

About half a kilometre before the objective our lead Land Rover hit a land mine and was disabled.

We then dismounted and proceeded forward in a platoon box formation on either side of the road to avoid more land mines.

Once we were within a couple of hundred metres of the farm we broke up into assault formation with Alpha on the left, HQ in defilade to the front and Bravo and Charlie on the right. Bravo was to provide a base of fire to enable Alpha and Charlie to maneuver on the farm.

The assault began with illumination being provided by parachute flares.

Once Alpha and Charlie began approaching the farm reports started of friendlies firing on each other started due to the poor visibility.

A civilian Land Rover parked behind an enemy exploded after taking fire bringing down a large tree and destroying a farm building.

Once the farm was secured a UH-1 Huey arrived to extract surviving civilians.

Part 2

Surviving terrorists fled into the bush. Our job was to track them down and kill them.

Bravo was sent to a nearby town to question civilians on the direction that the terrorists likely fled in while Alpha and Charlie started looking for objects that would allow us to track their path.

Alpha located a bag of rice to the north with indications that they had fled north.

Charlie later located a body of a terrorist with signs that they had fled North East.

Alpha then located smoke rising through the bush from a camp fire.

As we were forming up in a platoon line formation, contact was taken from half-right. Alpha took a casualty as the terrorists were shot down by the rest of the platoon.

With the last stand by the terrorists dealt with, the mission completed automatically shortly afterward.


  1. Good bush navigation with low tech
  2. Fun use of the flare guns for illumination
  3. Great choice of map and mission


  1. Better use of control measures to allow sections to communicate and avoid friendly fire incidents
  2. An easier respawn system (or no respawn)

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