ARMA 3 NEW RotorLib Flight Model

ARMA 3 Dev Build adds the much anticipated RotorLib Flight Model from the Take On Helicopters series. Check out my first impressions:

I really enjoyed flying around Altis when it first came out as the fidelity of ARMA lends itself to low level flight. The lighting, volumetric fog and infantry combat just seemed to work. Unfortunately the flight model made flying helicopters a complete bore. When I heard that the RotorLib system from Take On Helicopters was coming I was pretty happy about that, although I’ll reserve judgement on whether it gets used in high risk no respawn multiplayer missions! My hope is that yes, we have dedicated pilots that can handle it!

Now I have a question around the Take On Helicopters franchise, what are the chances of seeing a sequel in the current Real Virtuality engine?!

NOTE: At first the flight model seemed to be a nightmare. However, I persevered and removed the dead-zone for a huge improvement.

One bug that jumped out at me that isn’t mentioned: The in-game animation has the cyclic left/right movement reversed. I’ve not tried out the damage model and how autorotation is handled vs default and TKOH, I’d be interested in seeing how that is handled.


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