OCB Training Night: CR102 Rifle Discipline

Last night we ran the second week of our new training programme. This week we focussed on Rifle Discipline and techniques around laying down fire. 

Trainees get a good view of the kill house sector. This area was used for range estimations in the featureless salt flats.

We had a good turn out and split the course into two streams. One went off to the rifle range to employ rifles, automatic rifles and 40mm grenades. The other stream cleared off down to the kill houses to work in the open salt flats to work on range estimations.

The two key methods of range estimations tested were the 5 degree method’ and secondly, ‘range by fire’. It’s a bit tricky to see your own tracer, so in future lessons we may make this work in pairs for ‘range by fire’. The ‘5 degree method’ is an interesting test and the targets sitting in a featureless salt flat made good use of the techniques.

After the range estimations, we switched over the to the rifle range. Here we employed sustained and rapid fire (automatic rifle only) on targets fall the way out to 800m. It was a great chance for us to get instant feedback on the accuracy of our shots. The feedback from the target hits is awesome.

Credit goes to OCB Dash for putting the mission together with some others helping along the way (sorry I don’t have all the details of the voodoo and black magic involved).


Trainees are well spread out in firing lanes for a 40mm grenade shooting exercise.

One of the final learning objectives was acting in MG/AR pairs with an assistant. I tend to equip assistants with binos so they can watch the fall of shot and adjust fire for the gunner. We engaged targets with 10 round bursts to get some suppression on the targets on the ridge line off in the distance.


An instructor (orange markings) looks on as an Assistant Automatic Rifleman watches the fall of shot of a gunner who is using a supported position.

Training made use of modified OCB units, ST-Hud, Task Force Radio and ARMA Extended (Realism Mod).

About Arma Extended

Arma Extended is a realism mod partly developed by OCB Dash. It features fixes and adjustments to make gameplay more realistic and immersive. Features include:

  • 1-9 row key weapon selection
  • Weapon on back
  • Alternate animations
  • Barrel swapping / weapon overheating
  • Hearing loss / Ear plugs
  • Back blast
  • Wind direction indications
  • Map fixes
  • Player suppression system
  • and much much more…


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