ARMA 3 Zeus is out today!

The Game Master DLC for ARMA 3 that let’s you play god over the simulated battlefield is out today.

Zeus Logo

Zeus is what would otherwise be termed the ‘game master’. It gives you a top down view of the battlefield and the ability to add, remove or destroy just about anything. In this way multi-player missions can be entirely run or tweaked on the fly to add some extra challenge, role-playing, or immersion. The great thing about Zeus is a human brain can now adjust the enemies tactics to ramp things up or cool things off. It will also mean that missions are more robust as it can provide the tools for a quick fix if needed during the game play. Mission makers benefit also with the addition of a somewhat better real-time 3D editor and reducing the hassle of putting things together beforehand. The main drawback is that a player will need to sit out and act as Zeus instead of playing full time as a player. You can have a dedicated or part time Zeus depending on the mission type.

There will be several rules in place around Zeus. Restrictions will be put in place on who is able to take on the role. Don’t expect to be able to jump in and troll! In fact we’ve put some rules in place so that the Zeus may not specifically target any particular member directly but must let the AI do it’s thing. There’s a player range limitation in the system so that you can’t spawn objects close to players, breaking the experience.

The main feature I’m looking forward to is being able to dynamically order AI units to break contact and run for the hills once engaged while ordering others to come in and support from a flank. This should lead to a much more realistic challenge in tac missions.

It’s out today. First gameplay should be tomorrow night. We’ll see how we go! I’m looking forward to this one.

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