ARMA 3 Zeus: FARP Operations

On Sunday night I had my first game playing as Zeus in an OCB Zeus Night. (3 Hour Mission)

Firstly, there are some rules in place for an OCB Zeus Night.

  1. You can’t kill players directly using first person, lightning or fire support
  2. You must provide a good gameplay experience for the players
  3. You have to have some clear mission tasks
  4. Zeus has 15min before the start to set everything up
  5. Don’t be a dick

First up I built a FARP while the others wait. There are nice pre-built bases that you can then tweak. I had to practice this so I could do it in the 15min time limitation setting up the mission.

We elected to go with a CH-47 and we used OPFOR OCB units so that the enemy could be FIA guerrillas. It just didn’t make sense to go up against a regular army and there are no rebel OPFOR (wtf?) by default and finally the CAG Aggressors don’t work with Zeus due to config issues.

There were three main roles in the mission. There’s a combat outpost with a road block, a FARP and a Quick Reaction Force on standby with the CH-47 helicopter. There are 3 squads which rotated throughout the mission between the COP, FARP and QRF task.

  • Task 1: Kill or capture a HVT in town (not shown in video)
  • Task 2: Escort Supply Convoy through some badlands
  • Task 3:  Secure an IED strike area
  • Task 4: SAR – downed helicopter


  1. It can be hard work keeping geographically separated groups busy
  2. The Zeus has fairly limited control over the AI
  3. Some players seemed to be outside the Zeus the module – didn’t spawn properly and didn’t have an exclusion zone around them (hence I spawned a helicopter at the beginning of the video right next to them.
  4. Needed more civilians at the roadblock but lacked the time and presence of mind to role play it
  5. Some players were shot through walls at the COP, map issue
  6. CTRL+C CTRL+V to copy and paste multiple units quickly for maximum fun
  7. The Zeus notification system didn’t work, no way to jump to player wanting your attention
  8. Taking manual control of enemies is fun.

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