Flight Simulation

Progress – Ortho NZ

Some good news. I’ve managed to source new Manawatu ortho-photos that match the surrounding areas, ie. not in drought! You can see the change basically below. Looking down to Palmerston North. Before: After: Currently I’m just folding Rotorua into the mix…. Read More ›

SkyMAXX Pro v2: A quick look

Here’s a video I put together yesterday. Unfortunately the YouTube uploader has had some major issues and finally after 5 re-renders and re-uploads that all resulted in video conversion errors Google appear to have fixed the issue. So with that out… Read More ›

DCS: Mountain Rescue

One of the default missions bundled with the DCS: Huey module offers an interesting high altitude challenge. If you’re looking to do the same or a similar flight here are some tips to help you get through in one piece…. Read More ›