Lyndiman’s New Zealand Orthophotography beta 1 release is here!


As a soft launch to those that visit this website, the ortho scenery for the North Island is now available as a beta release here! This page is not navigable from my main site yet as it’s a beta and might contain some glaring issues that requires a quick retooling. If you have limited internet bandwidth you probably don’t want to take part in this just yet. Also, if you wish to take part in beta testing, I ask that you seed the link for others, as you are getting early access partly to propagate the torrent to seeders.

I’m after some willing souls who will check and report any errors. Please test the unpacking scripts I’ve put into each tile’s texture folder and of course, test out the look and feel of the ortho. Please provide feedback on the beta, on this page, or tweet me @lyndiman. There are probably quite a few seams and joins that aren’t perfect, that’s to be expected, so I’ll prioritise a to do list.

Do you have a Mac? If so, the Windows batch file won’t work for you, but I think I can adapt something that uses the OSX file. I just need to figure that part out.

After testing the scenery, if you like what you see, and would like to express a token of appreciation please feel free to donate using the link below. Funds will go into scenery tools (Creative Cloud), disk space, back-up and redundancy services and (possibly) a seed box as well as motivating the South Island development which may prove to be quite an undertaking!

Finally, a big thank you to every who provided positive and encouraging feedback.



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10 replies

  1. Wooowooooo!! Thanks a lot!
    Will download as soon as I get home!

  2. Awesome. Will set this up to download tonight. Will test once downloaded as I have two legs to complete for my NZ rally in the North Island.

    NZOM -> NZAP via Tahiti Bay and Palmerston North


    NZAP – > NZAP via Hamilton and Waiuku

  3. What mesh are you using?

  4. I didn’t load a custom DEM file – so it’s just based off default elevation data I believe.

  5. Downloading now! 10 hours to go 🙂

  6. great work Lyndiman! I did however come across an issue with some missing texture tiles. I loaded a flight from Rotorua airport and XP11 error-ed with 2x missing tiles; and

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