Lyndiman’s Ortho – Beta 1 Patch

It’s a bit weird to release a patch to a beta release but it’ll help those that have the beta and need the fixes to the tiles that aren’t working. It’s much better to do that than require everyone to download and convert everything from scratch.

Beta 1 seemed to have an incomplete set of JPGs in a few tiles, which was probably caused by my HDD that likes to randomly unmount itself. I went away for the weekend so it took some time to fix. I took the torrent, converted all the JPGs to DDS, fixed the missing files and then prepared for torrenting. So hopefully I fixed it all because it was all working on my PC, but that’s what I though last time as well.

If you have any issues please post below or use the contact form on the download page.

Very shortly, I’ll have ready a second torrent which is a standalone beta 2. If you haven’t downloaded anything yet, just get the beta 2 torrent.

Head over to the Ortho Download Page here.

Beta 2 Release Notes:

  • -37+174, -38+176, -41+175 – fixed incomplete file copy of JPGs into directory and updated batch conversion files
  • Removed redundant ter files
  • Updated -42+174 ortho with current cross-over South Island images (this tile will be in the South Island release also)

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  1. Awesome job, works very well.

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