First Look at the South Island

Last night I took a first quick look at the South Island of New Zealand. My first impressions are that it’s a much more interesting terrain than the North Island, with plains, alps, lakes and sounds. I left this for second because it’s larger, and some of the imagery seems incomplete with different sources.

As you can see below, there’s quite a lot of work involved in cleaning these images up to actually seamlessly fit together.


For the North Island Beta, so far I’ve uploaded 75 GB over night. My upload seems to running slower than I expected. I have 80 Mb/s download and 15 Mb/s instead of the 100/20 that it should be. That said, I seem to be seeding at about 1-2 MB/s which is okay.

Categories: Flight Simulation

4 replies

  1. I have downloaded the 49Gb last night and took me around 9hours.
    I have a 900Mbit download /20 mbit upload and took me a long while!
    Which other north island scenery have you uploaded? Is there another one that we need to download?
    South island will be awesome!
    Now I just need to figure out simlinking the ortho files to another drive. I only have 40gb left on the SSD!

    • No other scenery needed. I believe if you add a shortcut into the custom scenery folder that points to the location of the ortho X-Plane will follow that link just like it was in that folder – this way you can link to other drives easily. I’ve not done myself yet.

    • I did this myself but found that the speed difference between the ssd and the hdd were too much so instead, I copy in the areas I want to fly onto the SSD as I need since I’m usually flying in the same area for awhile. But for reference: From the command prompt

      mklink /d [drive]:\[link name] [drive]:\[directory linking to]

      e.g. mklink /d e:\X-Plane\Custom Scenery\zOrthoXXX f:\Tiles\zOrthoXXX

  2. Yea having just finished south island myself, there is a LOT of work ahead of you my friend as there are so many areas with WILDY varying ortho.

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