Some re-processing WIP

One of the first areas I did was the Waikato and going back to it now I see lots of mistakes that were made with different sets of images. This made an ugly mosaic that wouldn’t go down well with most people. Below is a before and after shot:

Redo Waikato.PNG


Redo Waikato1.PNG

That said, there are some seams that still need work, here is where you cross over from the Waikato to Auckland. I’m not sure if I can be bothered fixing this though.

Redo Waikato2.PNG

Another possible issue I’ll leave as is – the Thames is masked as it joins the Hauraki Gulf:

Redo Waikato3.PNG

And to finish, some more screenshots:

New Plymouth.PNG

New Plymouth





East Cape:



The Waikato:




Up next, release plan!

Categories: Flight Simulation

3 replies

  1. Looks incredible! I love flying around New Plymouth and it’s become my new test flight zone for all the flight Sims =)

    What mesh are you using? Did you get the LINZ data or the NZ Carto survey 15m DEMs?

    I’m using the ASOP 30m DEMs and it looks like I have set my (to use Ortho4XP terms) curve tolerance lower than yours as my mesh for Plymouth seems more detailed.

  2. I’ve sourced my elevation data from NZ Pro Scenery as that was easy. I see I could get LINZ data at 8m elevation but it’s 31GB and would probably cause a framerate hit:

  3. Awesome ! 👍👍👍 Release it already! 😀😀
    My FSEconony flights will suddenly have a new meaning!

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