Getting kicked: The 6 deadly sins of a Gaming Group

In an online gaming community there can often appear to be a bit of ‘shit-fighting’ when members come and go or never get in at all. To be fair the vast majority of players to join OCB tend to be of the quality and nature that fits well with what we do and the games we play. We have quite a lengthy recruitment phase and several conditions of gaining recruit status. These ensure that we don’t have a giant mixed bag of unreliable characters who aren’t too interested in putting in the effort to make OCB what it is, a fantastic gaming group. (I really hate the word clan).

Every now and then though a certain person either steps out of line or slowly drifts off course culminating in members making the decision that their place in the group can not be maintained. This results in a discharge. This isn’t something we take lightly, if a clear breach of the regulations hasn’t taken place then it’s a decision which is made by committee with much discussion.

By contrast the vast majority of members that leave simply lose interest, change priorities and drift away and that’s perfectly fine and acceptable.

Every now and then the CO, [OCB]Valour, is singled out as being the one evil overlord dominating the clan and ruining everyone’s online fun. This obviously isn’t the case, he’s just the one doing the admin work and actioning the discharges so he bears the brunt.

However the internet being what it is there’s a fairly constant stream of questions and comments that come in on YouTube videos ranging from spam, insults, and threats of legal action. Fairly high profile recent examples include copyright infringement of the website when an ex-member created a fake community/mod/super hero alter-ego to try to spread malicious accusations with just about anyone unfortunate enough to browse there.

So in addition to my guide on joining an online gaming group I’d like to finish on a few points for now getting booted from a group. Here’s the 6 deadly sins for getting the kick from OCB:


Don’t be that guy. You don’t have to be funny, smart, spend hundreds of dollars funding the servers or even the best player. All you have to do is not act like an obnoxious douche. If you do, you’ll soon become that guy.


Don’t act like you’ve learnt how to start the game up so that’s reason enough to lead other more experienced players around an organised co-op mission. Start slow, be respectful, attend training. Making mistakes is fine as long as they aren’t brought about by arrogance.


I’m happy to report that I’ve crashed flying around much more in ARMA than in DCS despite it being ‘easier’ to fly. I’m just not used to it and I know that, so right now I stay away. If you’re someone who’s not willing to learn, not going to attend training and not going to put that training into effect then you won’t last long.

If your someone set in your ways, such as a lone sniper, commando, who doesn’t want to learn about operating as a rifleman in a fire team expect to be shown the door.


Don’t lie about yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly people will pick up on a lie. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to figure out that you’ve reapplied to join a group that has already kicked you out. You’ll be surprised to learn how it only takes a couple of minutes for the members who have military experience to figure out that you’ve lied about yours.

Disregard (for the rules)

Groups have guidelines to operate in. A common one would be something like a ban on using dual gamer profiles and belonging to more than one clan at a time. Even if you’re not caught doing this, it shows that you’re not particularly committed to the group and you’ll probably get dropped sooner or later. Others would include using game cheats, hacks. Lame.

If you’ve done something non specific that’s brought the group into disrepute, expect a discharge.


Members take breaks all the time. Others leave and don’t come back. There’s a difference here between someone who’s drifted away and been discharged due to lack of activity.

The disassociated member will remain active avoiding the standard discharge but fails to actually engage with any members. They sit playing a game no others take part in for months on end, they don’t attend events like our weekly missions. After time they are outside the clan in all but name and splinter the group or take up positions that are essentially an empty uniform. They may have redeeming features but these members are slow working poison and after a length of time only long serving members really know much about them.

Do you have your own exciting examples, suggestions or comments? Comment on them below.

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4 replies

  1. [OCB]Piro here, being arrogant and/or obnoxious are the fastest ways to get into my bad book. As Lyndi has pointed out, start out slow, learn from the older/more experienced guys; whether it be actual gameplay things, tactics or mannerisms. In regards with being obnoxious, don’t to force yourself on us; it may take you longer for people to distinguish you from the pack but it’ll probably better in the long run and you probably won’t leave a bad first impression, and as everyone knows, first impressions matter.

  2. Maybe OCB could lighten up a little on the formations and pre-mission briefings that go for 20 minutes only to fail completely at first contact. Also, you call “contact” when you come into contact with enemy forces, not spot them, that’s “enemy spotted”.
    You guys concentrate too much on being wannabe douches yourself, like you’re all in the army. Take a break from all the “arrowhead formation” crap and try improvising shit. And Valour is an evil overload, full of his own BS, thinking he’s all that in the chokos.

    • You’re kidding right? We’re very easy on formations and the briefings aren’t 20mins unless they need to as no respawn missions can be brutal. Getting all the mods, servers and missions up and ready can take ages but how is that our fault running a heavily modified platform?

      We call ‘contact’ as we use a simplified procedure, we aren’t a full realism unit so don’t bother pointing out how we aren’t doing things 100% like real life.

      Your argument fails and your attack on Val betrays a personal grievance you have.

      All the best,

  3. Great article Lyndi. Hope things are well with you and the new formation!

    Nice to have fans isn’t it? 🙂

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