Altian Freedom part 1

After Action Report: Mission 1, part 1 OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield. Phase 1: Clear through Frini township Orders:… Read More ›

ARMA 3: Insurgency

A couple of nights ago just about everyone was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 so a few of us who don’t own it jumped into a public server running Insurgency. This could be just about the only time I’ve played… Read More ›

Short Road to Hell

Sunday night saw OCB and a few guys from CTB take on a Haydos mission special. A Short Road to Hell featured the platoon supported by IFVs moving across Altis island to capture an airfield. The way had to be… Read More ›