Delivering the mail

In my last video I discussed sling loading to and from ships. Here I see if it’s possible:

To up the ante I’ve added dynamic weather which threw in 6 meters per second wind at 192 degrees. That’s quite a gust and it took some compensation to get around. The best way to deal with it,  I found, was to come into the wind directly, in a way that is similar to take-off or landing.

I also increased the weight of the cargo to 1.3 metric tonnes (3000 lbs) also to see whether that was manageable. And it was, thankfully!

I’d really like DCS to feature battlefield logistics. Currently trucks can resupply units and cargo should do the same. This would give the Huey pilots some priority to keep the front line units fuelled up. It would also mean that if you can bring down a Huey or Mi-8 that is carrying supplies you can rob your enemy of their ability to fight.

Civilian tasks also open up. Deliver relief supplies, for example is a great reason to sling load from ships, or resupply the ships themselves.

If you watch the video above I recommend HD because you’ll be able to pick out the subtle movements and effects the flight model has. It’s truly a work of art.


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