VERGEEV Campaign Missions Cond.

Mission 2 & 3 of the VERGEEV Campaign are complete! There’s not a lot of shooting in these missions but that’s okay. It’s all about the suspense and escalation. Mission 2 has been ‘follow the leader’ not an easy task when the DCS AI tends to climb and dive and turn in a way that’s difficult to follow in pre-dawn. Mission 3 is a solo affair as mine is the Ka-50 on the deployment. I’m to escort a convoy along a route to the border with Georgia.

A note on the audio. Unfortunately a courier stole my stuff and my microphone arm & shock mount is missing in action, hence the annoying microphone noise. I’ve reordered it a couple of times now and there always seems to be a problem with the supplier. So far I’ve had a couple of refunds and nothings turned up yet. The current ETA on one part from Amazon is well outside the 10 day delivery window.

Categories: Digital Combat Simulation

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