Ultimate Immersion: VERGEEV Group Campaign 001

The VERGEEV Group Project is a Russian payware Campaign released a few years back for DCS: Black Shark 1 when it was a stand alone title. After a lot of hard work from community member ‘BBQ’ and the generosity of Roman Leroni of the VERGEEV Group, the campaign has now been made freely available and compatible with DCS World: Black Shark 2.

This campaign series puts a stake in the ground when it comes to realism, as if DCS World wasn’t enough of a study sim, this campaign adds a great deal of rules and regulations to the sim, any of which may see you fail the mission and get kicked out of the Air Force altogether, leaving you with no choice other than to restart the campaign from the beginning. If you cross the border accidentally or miss a waypoint expect to be given the boot.

I’ll be flying through this campaign and giving it my best effort to get to the end. I expect there will still be some bugs though that need to be worked through for the port to DCS World.

Here’s my effort in Mission 001. An orientation flight around the border area.

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7 replies

  1. Wow, that’s an impressive piece of work.

  2. great vid: is the Vergeev Group Campaign free to download (freely available) or available for purchase?

  3. Super bummed to hear that, I was hoping it would be a good one. Oh well — still searching for this campaign on the DCS forums — seems that the the original link no longer works.

    Keep up the good vid’s — fun to watch.

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