[KT]Tears of Sorrow: Riverboat Rampage!

OCB conducts a riverboat civilian pickup in a jungle! Features PhysX 6.5 riverboat vs river rocks physics.

Two doctors; Cane and Shields, working for a NGO group filed travel plans with the Embassy but failed to check in, their itinerary consisted of Tim Lat, Ha Tinh, and Bac Hoang. These are predominately Christian areas.

At 0300 local, UAV-1 observed Militia units moving into the region. Command deemed this a credible threat to US citizens and the green light to extract Doctors Cane and Shields has been given.

SBT 22 will transport members of SEAL Team 1 along the Batang Paloh. Conduct searches of Tim Lat, Ha Tinh, and Bac Hoang, and immediate area to locate the wayward Doctors.

Exfiltrate EAST along the Batang Paloh once the Doctors have been secured.

Wolfpack 1 & 2 depart with Dagger 1-1 & 1-2 on board
Engaged and destroyed bridge occupation force including 2x vehicles
Seal Teams disembarked at river head with a few spare boat crew for support.
Engaged and destroyed multiple personnel at the river head
Embarked patrol boats and carefully maneuvered to rivers end
Disembarked and engaged multiple personnel in a coordinated attack at rivers end.
Distress flare spotted and 2 objective civilians secured at the location
Upon egress multiple enemy personnel engaged along river to the East, including several OPFOR patrol boats.
Sustained 3x WIA in lead boat at mission end.

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