Coming soon: [LN]Desert Raider


The SOTG company have mostly consolidated back at base and have deployed a rotation of covert OPs around various towns to collect intelligence on insurgent activity.

Air avaition assets are based at the southern air base and include AH-6 little birds and UH-60 black hawks with fast air available via the Tactical Operations Centre in country.

Following Op No Mercy the insurgents are on the back foot and going to ground in the region.


Surprisingly the civilian population has evacuated areas occupied by insurgents. This appears to be a clear indicator that hostiles are in the area and an attack is imminent.


Conduct a routine mounted patrol through various towns supported by air aviation on a ready 5 standby. Search and destroy enemy forces, weapons caches and improvised explosives.

General order: Be prepared to react to enemy at all times.


  1. Air aviation on ready 5 standby
  2. SOTG coy mount up in 4×4 convoy
  3. Conduct road movement to objective towns
  4. Conduct dismounted search and seizures


No respawn
Slots reserved for OCB and other clans first. Known public players may also be admitted.
When I actually create this mission I will attempt to record the editing process for a tutorial.
Suggestions and comments welcome. Get in quick before I start editing.

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