Australian Special Operations Task Group: No Mercy

A town capture in Takistan with some custom SOTG units.
I play the role of Delta squad leader with 7 guys. It should be interesting for those without a radio to hear the comms jam.

This video is largely unedited. It was pretty intense. Enjoy!

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is beginning operations as part of an attempt to increase security around Takistan. As part of the operation Australian forces are tasked with conducting a series of disruption operations in the northern districts.

OCB Special Operations Task Force (2 CDO Regt) is in the area supported by Special Operations Aviation assets.

Insurgents are based around a stronghold. This area is used as a base of operations. Strength is estimated to be around 100 pax armed with small arms but also appear to have access to HMG’s. IED’s are also believed to be deployed defensively.

Civilians are in the area. Civilian casualties are to be avoided at all costs. Keeping the civilians on side will be critical to denying support for the enemy.

OCB SOTF is to mount an airborne assault to capture and secure the insurgent stronghold. The strong hold is to be cleared and swept for IED’s and security then handed over to the local military forces.

Insertion via helicopter to LZ TBD & TBD

Air support to be provided by aviation assets

Assault and capture stronghold via ground commanders orders

Conduct EODD

Provide security until relieved
No respawn
Mods: SOTG, ACE2, ACRE, CBA_CO, Jayarma2lib, GLT Missilebox
Recommended: @units, @air, CCIP (pilots only), Shacktac HUD.

Categories: ARMA 2


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