ARMA: What’s in a clan for me?

OCB Rifle squad

A progression from newbie to pro clan member…

Over the past year or two we’ve seen the popularity of sandbox games like ARMA continue to increase. One reason for this is the indie success of underground mods like Day-Z and Wasteland. I don’t really have anything to do with either of those mods. I will probably buy Day-Z standalone because I can’t resist new shiny things. What we have noticed is that players have come into the ARMA world through these mods and then often taken a liking to ARMA 2 itself.

This has it’s draw backs as we’ve had a number of Day-Z hackers come and flood our servers, but most of them seem to be on our ban lists now.

Trucking along…

Learn Single Player
If you’re totally new to the game and there’s no one there to help you. Do the training single player. You’ll only need to learn how to interact with objects, inventory, drive, fly, shoot etc. Doing this on a multiplayer server will drag others down and it’s really best to do the bare basics in a way that won’t disrupt a server. A classic example is jumping on a server, running to the choppers, taking off and immediately crashing at base because you’re learning how to fly. Expect to be banned for this as people will assume you’re doing it on purpose!

Jumping online in ARMA 2 is, in my opinion, the only reason to actually buy the game. Working in a team in a co-op or a team versus team game is fantastic.

So the second step in joining a clan is basically: get online. You’ll probably start off in a ‘vanilla’ ie. no mods server.

Jump Online

Stacking up

This is great but sooner or later you’re going to find the online multiplayer experience becomes a little ‘inconsistent’. There’s nothing better than finding a server, like I did when first jumping on OCB ARMA 2 vanilla server, and moving into an objective together with teamwork. Contrast that where you are going through server after server where there’s 12 players and 6 of them are flying jets and 6 are snipers carrying rocket launchers. No one is talking to each other and everyone is working in isolation. Lame. Not to mention if someone is disrupting the game because they think it’s funny to team kill or destroy assets at base. This kills the immersive experience. This is why our admins (people like me but that actually do admin work) are so important. They ban people. Not to be dicks but to preserve the gaming experience for others.

Start to Mod

Night Operations

Okay, so you’re finding it fun to play on a public server. This is a great way to experience the game and many people leave it here. Others see that the game can be modified with new weapons, maps, interaction abilities, more realistic features and much more. An example is our ACE server which runs the Advanced Combat Environment and our Custom Maps and Mods Server which runs tonnes of mods in addition. This keeps the game interesting and also cuts out a lot of casual players. You won’t find newbies learning to fly generally on our custom maps and mods server. (Hopefully).

By this time you’re probably thinking that the game is so open for tactical gameplay that the only thing left is a bunch of others with the same teamwork in mind.

Get Involved
This is where a clan comes in. You know how to play, you’ve played online for a some number of weeks, you communicate and use teamwork, you can listen and follow orders and you might even be able to do some advanced stuff like fly a helicopter or lead a small team of folks to complete an objective. Checking out a clan, you’ll see that regular missions run weekly. These usually string together to make a persistent campaign that might go over many months. Teams of players are basically familiar with military tactics and training sessions to learn tactics and equipment are run. Check out some of my videos to see examples of the Tactical Mission nights that we run.

How to Apply

Training night

If you’re near the end of this progression pathway you’re probably interested in how to apply. To be frank most applications will fail without an appreciation of the types of players that we are looking for. If you’re not a team player, you’ll fail. If you’re not mature, you’ll fail. If you’re only interested in playing a specific role, you’ll fail. The list goes on.

So finish off, here’s a list of things to check off if you’re interested in joining a clan like Online Combat Battalion:

  1. Get ARMA 2 & Operation Arrowhead (or Combined Operations which is both together)
  2. Learn the basics first on single player
  3. Play online and try to work in a team
  4. Get on Teamspeak and use it while playing
  5. Try to play Patrol Operations as this uses the same framework as our Tac Missions
  6. Get mods under your belt. ShackTac HUD, CBA and ACE first and then custom maps, units, weapons and ACRE later
  7. Get onto our forums and introduce yourself. We don’t need a novel.
  8. After you’ve shown to know the game, play in teams, and stuck around for a while it’s time to apply. Put in a good effort on the application stating what you want out of the game. 3-4 lines might not cut it. Use good grammar.

What not to do:

It was a long car ride

  1. Only play a specific role like sniper or pilot. This makes you impossible to cater for and not much of a team player.
  2. Spam, team kill, hack, whine, annoy, disrupt, be drunk, rude, or any other examples of poor behaviour.
  3. Do not apply if you are currently in another clan. What would they think?
  4. Do not apply if you’ve only had a short experience with OCB or ARMA. We need to know it’s not just ‘flavour of the month’
  5. Do not apply if you are outside of the Australasian region. High pings will stop you from playing

On the Issue of Age
Unfortunately the age of an applicant and the maturity of the applicant are in direct correlation. Because of this there are a few clans that have an age minimum. There are also many that do not. If you are a teenager you may find that your application is not accepted based purely on your age. This might seem a little unfair as you could actually be a better candidate than another who is decades older than you.

The fact is, if you associate with someone who is significantly younger than you, it usually ends up weird or annoying.

Note that I’ve not mentioned a specific age minimum. I don’t want to give the impression that if you’re older than a magic number then you’re a shoe in. If you are deemed to be too young and you’ve done all the above and gotten to know us. Chances are you’ll be invited as a guest to our operations. This has worked well.

Finally, don’t lie. Don’t lie about your age and don’t pretend to be something that you’re not!

Mission Maker

The paradrop sunrise

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