Flight Simulation

Dunedin terrain patch

Another quick patch for the South Island Ortho Pack. This time it’s another weird blip in the terrain. I’ve created a quick patch which you can copy over the tile files with – leave the big texture folder where it… Read More ›

Photo runway at Omarama Airfield

Using ortho-scenery offers an interesting opportunity to disregard X-Plane airport textures and instead use the ortho to show where dirt or grass runways are. I’ve done a quick test of this at Omarama and quite like the results.

Queenstown Airport

There’s quite a nice Queenstown Airport on the Global Scenery Gateway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work too well with my ortho package because the airport is set to flatten the surrounding area. 

Golden Bay Patch

Good news! Despite my best(ish) efforts, a small tile needs reworking in beta 3. I’ve quickly patched this little tile and uploaded the texture files. Simply copy over the texture files of -41+173 with these new files. 

Heading to Westport

Working with my spare time in photoshop I’ve not really had time to do any flying in X-Plane recently. So, I opened up FSEconomy and took a job taking some passengers from Nelson to Westport.