DCS World UH-1H Kiwi “Huey” Campaign

Over the past few months I’ve not been in front of my PC much.

One of the things I have decided to do, is work on a DCS World campaign for the UH-1H “Huey.” This campaign is based in the Caucasus map with a custom RNZAF Livery. This livery is a bit of a fictional fudge as I don’t have any high-quality images of the squadron emblems etc. It’s quite work-in-progress!

The main thrust of the campaign is a joint Australia / New Zealand force assisting NATO efforts to reinforce Georgia’s position against Abkhazian and Russian aggression.

Of course, a conflict in Georgia in 2008 is a pretty hazardous environment for a lonely helicopter from the 1960’s. This campaign is designed around flying challenge while the threats ramp up over time.

I enjoyed the UH-1H official campaign, but it’s let down in some areas, like having to fly in formation with AI. That’d be okay if it was another human controlled aircraft, but it’s a chore with AI. It was also a bit weird with UN UH-1H Gunships.

So with my campaign, there’s no formation flying with AI and so far no shooting, but plenty of opportunity to get shot at.

Here’s some work in progress testing:

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  1. Hey, I’m a NZer too and have just finished the UN Pilot and Argo campaigns, and love the idea of what you are doing! I am hungry for more missions and found your post.

    I was wondering if this is still a happening thing (or perhaps it is finished and downloadable somewhere?).

    Agreed regarding flying with the AI. Likes to constantly change altitude and slam on the brakes at every waypoint.

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