Fixing wonky issues in Fiordland

I received an email today that informed me that Fiordland has issues. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I seem to be having issues running the right version of python for FSEconomy and Ortho4XP. I spent more time trying to execute a script than actually fixing the issue! You can see here what it looks like in Beta 3:

It’s not an isolated issue. But it takes some time to actually locate all these oddities over such a large amount of land.

Here’s another issue I found around the area:

This appears to be bad data from the terrain elevation file from JAXA. If we look at the example above, we have a very slight bright spot here for some reason. In other areas it’s just a bright pixel as seen in previous posts.

I think the data is gathered by lidar, or ground radar, so maybe something spoofed the returning signal.

The good news is that I’ve fixed up the mesh and rebuilt the tile. There’s no need to mess with any textures, so the patch is relatively small. I also took this opportunity to increase the number of polygons in the mesh, so things might look a little nicer, or it might not noticeable.

You can download this patch here. Back up your tile first. Then, go into the listed tile folder, remove everything except the texture folder, and copy the patch files in their place.

Categories: Flight Simulation

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