Tile see ya later!

Good news! I’ve finished the last significant tile for the South Island. I have 3 more small corners to do and I can begin fixing and cleaning it up for release. The bottom of the South Island is pretty much, bloody awful. I guess that makes up for most of the rest of the South Island, which was pretty good quality. It would be good to get it all seamless as I’m sure Queenstown is a popular destination.

To celebrate, took a break and picked up the Cessna 208 and put together Hastings Airport (NZHS) in WED.







Categories: Flight Simulation

10 replies

  1. Wow looks great!

  2. That’s my home base. Is it downloadable?

  3. Brilliant – downloaded – thanks!

  4. Hi there this is looking awesome
    I can’t wait to get it this
    just one thing does this included the overlays like roads houses etc as well or just the ortho scenery

  5. Thanks for Hastings, good to see little airports are not forgotten, any more you have hidden away ?

    • I think the rest were in the last XP patch. Check out:
      Whitianga, Great Barrier, North Shore, Ohakea, Thames, Coromandel, Ardmore, Okiwi Station, Waiouru, Dargaville, Dannevirke, Paraparaumu, Reeves, Pauanui,

  6. OK so i down loaded, unzipped, placed the files in Custom Scenery. And its not there.Is there something else needed?

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