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Releasing the scenery with JPGs saves about 40% of the bandwidth to download the package. Originally this seemed like a good idea, but packaging up the .DDS files, checking everything is there, and writing the script batch file isn’t too much fun. I also think people who download the package don’t love needing to run dozens of scripts to convert the JPGs to DDS files to get it going. I get emails from people who have a corrupted file or missing images. I also had to patch the first beta because a bunch of images went missing in transit.

The batch file is a windows thing, so Mac and Linux users aren’t well supported. (And I’m writing this on a Mac!)

So if I were to package up the scenery tiles with DDS they’d be rather large, but it would basically be a drop and go solution. Because it’s large, I might split the packages up into 5 or 10 sections. If each section is 30GB and there are 10 of them, people could just get what they need up front and add the rest over time.

What do you think? Keep the scripts, or make it easy?

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  1. I favour the DDS in batches approach. What you save in downloading time as JPGs is more than offset by the time and effort involved in conversion. I think it took about six hours to download the North Island, but quite a lot longer to do the conversions. I can live quite happily with that (having a good deal of spare time), but other busier people might prefer the download and go approach.

  2. If it makes your life easier go for it. People could download what they like and when it suites.
    Only thing would be the bandwidth required I presume and would that be ok for you ?

  3. Suck it and see as my Dad says 🙂

  4. I also favour the DDS in batches approach, makes things more seamless and introduces less points of failure through the process. I can deal with it taking longer to get d/l wise 🙂

  5. The drop and go sounds good. And as you say split up the download giving us flexibility.

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