Ardmore Airfield

Last night I was finalising the South side of Auckland and Raglan area. You can see what I’m doing around airfields here with Ardmore. The Ortho is used as a base layer and hopefully at the threshold you won’t see painted rooftops on the ground. I’ve also removed anything above ground level from the airfield – no painted planes on the ramp, no rooftops etc. With some simple scenery items and overlay this will hopefully come out looking quite immersive.


Inside X-Plane with Global Default Scenery (coming soon)Capture14.PNG

Categories: Flight Simulation

10 replies

  1. 👍👍👍👍👍 patience and dedication!
    Great job!

  2. Be interesting to see that in XP with Autogen on top 🙂

    • I’ve updated the post with a pic from in sim

      • Yea looks good! When can we download again?? 😀 I’m heading up to Wanaka NZWF from Invercargil NZNV as I work my way back up Sth Island. Should I hold off on my legs until you release?

        I do have all of my Ortho and 30m DEMs anyway but would be interesting to compare your work!

      • Quite a bit of work to do before release. Once it’s done, the whole north island will be around 80GB – which will take quite a while to torrent anyway!

      • All depends on how fast your upload is to what my download will be like 😉

        80Gb, nice what base zoom are you using? I think my Ortho’s with ZL16 base and ZL18 for 2Km around airfields is around 120Gb for North and South combined.. Will check when I get home.

      • ZL17 everywhere. There’s too many places across the whole country that ppl might want to fly to, to pick and choose more details in some areas.

        I have fibre 100MB connection. Speed should be good and unlimited bandwidth. Main problem would be if there’s a lot leeches that don’t seed.

      • Yea after some of my recent trips around the Alps I certainly could have done with a little more quality on the textures. ZL17 should be a nice compromise though as I was thinking of going back and doing some of the Alps sectors @ 18 so that when I’m cruising close or in the valley’s it would pop a bit more.

        Ditto for fibre. I’d be willing to see for a while 😀

      • One of my concerns for torrenting is being able to version control – if I needed to fix a file – how easy would it be to work that into a active torrent? Or if I have to replace a torrent with a v2, how easy would it be to get all the seeders to actively switch over. Ugh!

        I started off with ZL18 but the images are the same resolution but zoomed in 4x more. This makes it really awful to figure out how to blend them together.

      • Yea version control would be a bugger.. Hmm let me have a look around and see what I can find on that.

        You might have to do delta patches e.g. v1.01, v1.02

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