Quest Kodiak by Thranda


Although I have the FF 757 v2 I really enjoy short flights in light aircraft. Last night I picked up the Quest Kodiak, a turbo prop that looks like a copy of the Cessna Caravan. It’s made specifically for X-Plane 11 and looks and sounds great.

Unfortunately, I spent the whole night with it crashing X-Plane to desktop. The issue appears to be with the 3rd party G1000. When it gets around NZRO (Rotorua) it crashes the sim. I think it’s a nav DB issue. In the end I installed a new demo of X-Plane 11, installed just this plane, loaded up NZRO with no scenery installed (just water), flip the power switch and it crashes!

Another issue is that the FPS is quite bad with this plane. It seems to have quite a lot of frame lag or something from the plugins it needs. Hopefully they’ll replace the G1000 with the new default one coming from Laminar Research. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by SimCoders.

Most annoyingly my FSEconomy bank account is drained as I bought the Kodiak and it’s sitting on the tarmac at NZRO!

Categories: Flight Simulation

3 replies

  1. Funny you mention new planes and FPS drain. I got Khamsin’s B-17G last night and was getting 20-25fps on the ground when I’m normally getting around 60!

  2. Does it have 3rd party plugins? if I use planes with the default GPS and they are 50 FPS! The Kodiak with the G1000 halves it :-/

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