Progress – Ortho NZ

Some good news. I’ve managed to source new Manawatu ortho-photos that match the surrounding areas, ie. not in drought! You can see the change basically below. Looking down to Palmerston North.

Before: ManawatuAfter:

Palmerston North Airport - after.PNG

Currently I’m just folding Rotorua into the mix. That should put me at about 50% of the North Island. The scary part is that this is over 50GB already! I’m fine with that, but for many that might be too big and too hard to seed for torrenting to the community.

Rotorua: Capture1.PNG

Rotorua airport via the default scenery:


I’m loving what scenery I’ve got, so it’s just a matter of keeping quality up across some tiles that might be difficult.

Here’s the central plateau:




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3 replies

  1. Awesome work man. You could consider converting the DDS to JPG or PNG for transfer and create a script to convert back to DDS.
    PNG being lossless would be best but will need more space, still less than DDS.

    • So I could include a small conversion tool and have a batch file to command line convert the PNGs into DDS files. That could be really good.

      • Hmm just did a quick test with my Ortho4XP images and they are ~2-3Mb JPG but as PNG blows out to 32Mb! More than the DDS. So might have to be JPG with ~90% compression?

        Whats you’re original source in?

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