Scenes from Op Talon: Bravo Squad Leader

Last week’s mission saw OCB perform a High Altitude Low Opening paradrop insertion into a new map for us: Kunduz, to take out a collection of Shilka self-propelled AAA guns. Supported by an AC-130 Spectre gunship (callsign Griffin) we were able to roll some pretty overwhelming numbers of enemies through out the mission. There were a couple of glitches but otherwise a great night.

Here’s some extra detail:

This is one of those rare missions we had snipers providing overwatch (callsign Sierra). I’m not sure how effective they were in this reasonably flat map that we were moving fairly rapidly through.

The Spectre Gunship was fully manned which must have been a pretty strange experience for 2-3 hours. Jazzakid was in the gunners position of the Spectre, you can see how they were lighting up the enemy. To be true to life the mission should have been entirely at night as the AC-130 is restricted after one was shot down in the Gulf War.

You can see I was almost killed in the lead vehicle by what I thought was an IED. It was in fact the Spectre’s 155mm canon which glitches in orientation every now and then. Not a fun time for Jazza who had to wrestle with it. You can see his other point of view here compared to my video:

Dash was the mission maker and also the pilot of the Spectre. He could put the aircraft into an autopilot orbit and then use Zeus to take control of the enemies to make things interesting for us. Zeus is a really good addition in ARMA 3. It lets us have a lot of flexibility when we need it, fix problems and react to things that weren’t expected when mission making.


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