Altian Freedom part 3

Here’s a video from last week’s second mission of the Altian Freedom online campaign.

In this mission our task is to spearhead a convoy through enemy lines to capturing several over-watch positions and clear a main supply route. 

Unfortunately we almost immediately take a main tank round into the Platoon Sergeant and Forward Observer, killing them both and taking with them our ability to call in artillery fire support.

From that point on we make pretty steady progress with an M1 Abrams tank and a pair of snipers doing well to support the 3 squads with grenade machine guns and heavy machine guns.

Platoon leading was made more complicated as map markers were not shareable. This means that orders were given using grid references, slowing down the process.

The platoon performed well though with Bravo standing out as taking no casualties. Serveral of the engagements were at long range which is a bit more realistic and allowed us to employ our weapon systems effectively. Hopefully this week we can keep the artillery up and get some good in-direct fire support dropping in.

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