Altian Freedom part 2

After Action Report

Mission 1, Part 2

OCB motorised platoon with support from Sabre callsign (CAS Heli) is to advance as a northern flank protection force for 1BCT assaulting Athira and capturing its airfield.

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Phase 4: Military Base Assault


OCB is to capture the Military Outpost west of Athira. The outpost is on a large hilltop with 360 degree clear lines of fire to all approaches.

Platoon is to advance mounted in HMMVs in a column under the cover of darkness to avoid detection. Approx. 1km from objective Hammer callsign is to break off and setup a base of fire with mortars. Fire mission 6 rounds HE searching fire to suppress the and prepare the enemy positions.

Sabre interdiction strikes with HE rockets to support the columns advance.

Upon reaching break point in lead up to objective Bravo, Charlie and Delta are to disperse to objective locations at base of slope and advance to capture the objective.


Platoon approached as directed with Hammer providing mortar IDF support in good time. 

Sabre (3x Ah-6s) ran in with mini-guns (not HE as requested) and took accurate AAA from an unseen ZSU-23-4 stationed on the hilltop. 1x Ah-6 took damage and was forced to land.

Platoon stepped up the pace and started suppressing with mounted machine guns making the slope and advancing in good time with little to no resistance.

In an attempt to neutralize the ZSU-23-4 a Javelin was fired which immediately went maddog and locked on to the HQ HMMV located to the rear destroying the vehicle. Zero casualties resulted and a replacement was sourced.

Bravo squad fired a second javelin from short range destroying the ZSU-23-4 allowing the squads to move in and clear the outpost.

Upon capturing the objective orders were passed down to mount and move to the next objective as artillery was being brought in on the outpost by enemy guns.


  1. Good coordination from all units for all arms warfare.
  2. Good artillery support which resulted in the destruction of a defensive tower overlooking the approach the platoon used.
  3. Good CQB skills from the squads to avoid fratricide while enveloping the enemy.
  4. Sabre managed to save an airframe after being brought down by ground fire


  1. Air support used miniguns, not HE as requested. Possible the request was not passed along.
  2. Air support needs to engage from stand off range and not press the attack.


Phase 5: Ambush


OCB is to construct a L shaped ambush along the road approach west of the Athira airfield to destroy enemy reinforcements attempting to provide relief.

HMMVs were to remain hidden behind foliage and buildings until the ambush was initiated. At this time they were to drive to a blocking position of the L shaped ambush and engage the enemy convoy down the road.

Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads were to provide flanking fire on the convoy with AT gunners each assigned 1st, 2nd and 3rd tank to ensure targets were de-conflicted.

An OP was to be setup further down the road in foliage to provide eyes and ears on what was approaching


The hasty ambush was barely prepared when the convoy approached rapidly. Ideally the ambush would have been initiated by the HMMVs engaging to stop the convoy but there were 3x T-72 MBTs in the convoy. The OP designated had no time to be reconned and proved to be ineffective. One of the 2 members assigned to the OP was carrying a vital javelin launcher.

Javelins engaged and destroyed 2 of the 3 T-72s. While the 3rd broke through and started flanking north. An intense fire fight broke out with the entire convoy being routed by the platoon with the exception of the single T-72 which was engaging the platoon with it’s MG.

A hasty resupply of javelins was performed by the HMMVs carrying it and the T-72 was then destroyed near the end of the ambush position.

The L shaped ambush then advanced down the road engaging the enemy at approx. 400m as they floundered near their ruined vehicles.

2x KIA were taken during the firefight. 1x squad leader and 1x machine gunner.


For the most part the unit performed well to setup and execute a hasty ambush against an overwhelming force.

Good performance by the HMMV crews to protect their vehicles against MBTs, jockeying around the tanks and engaging the convoying.

Good performance by the HMMV to deliver the vital replacement javelin tube to destroy the final T-72 in the convoy.

Good performance by the platoon to advance the L shaped ambush up the road to roll over the remaining forces and press the advantage.

Platoon medic did well to avoid injury while aiding several others.


With more time the ambush would have been constructed differently. The OP would have been in an effective position, possibly on the southern side of the road but further up the road from the platoon.

Deploying a javelin to the Op proved near fatal. All 203’s, MGs and AT were ordered to the ambush location. Non-essentials were to stay with the HMMVs or OP.

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