Georgian Counter Attack

I’m a little bit late getting this post done. And I have another DCS video ready to upload but for some reason I haven’t… I’ll hopefully get it up tonight (I miss the days of fibre internet when I could upload vids in minutes).

Recently we got the OCB server up and running again. Initially it had a simple flight training mission and now it has a more complex mission to push the Russians back from the edge of Tblisi.

A few details on this mission: Firstly it has many different types of air frames available. Mostly these are Georgian Air Force and U.S Air Force, but I’ve also added a couple of Su-27’s on the Russian side. Taking off from Vaziani the Blufor fly over Tblisi which is being barraged by a large Russian force and is on fire.

Game masters are also available so units can be moved around the map and Blufor ground commanders can operate the city’s defenses.

A couple of points for people interested in this type of mission. It is essentially a target practice mission with no flow or narrative. It’s designed to run endlessly and people can pop online and offline as they like.

Many units respawn using this script. This allows the mission to keep going without requiring a restart because ‘everything’s dead.’ I’ve also used a patrolling script triggered on the final waypoint of many groups that cycles their waypoints so they won’t be parked up at any point. I then set their speed to very slow (about 5mph) so they creep along carefully scanning their surroundings.

Finally I added a medivac script. This means that when a ground unit is killed, wounded spawn around that vehicle, and the unit assigned as a the medivac get a task to go fetch them. The medivacs are slick Huey’s in the Georgian Air Force. I have another video to upload where I’m flying the Medivac. This is fairly dynamic as if a pilot ejects it will trigger the same script to go get them. When you get close smoke is thrown so you can see where to land, once you pick them up you then have a limited amount of time to return the wounded to the M.A.S.H. This is quite fun when you pair an escort gunship to clear the area before the Medivac goes in! Simply add the units, script and let the medivacs react to how the mission runs.

This is all built from the framework of functions in MIST. These functions let script writers easily call up what they want to have happen that would otherwise be unavailable in DCS. Having this scripting engine in DCS is a huge improvement and I really hope that it’s further developed and refined as we get closer to having a dedicated DCS Server .exe.

Next? So I have another video to upload based on the Medivac, which is very fun. I’ve also gotten into the Georgian Air Force SU-25t and that’s a lot of fun to fly even when it’s full of holes. It’s a great show case of the free to play DCS World.

Considering you now also get the TF-51D for free, everyone should be on it.

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