DCS Dust Off Script

On the same mission as my last post, Georgian Counter Attack, I take on the role of a UH-1H Huey pilot in the Georgian Air Force (yes they really use them). 

Setting up the script to run is really pretty easy (and a topic for another post). Once you’ve plugged the MIST framework in and then activated this Medevac script certain units will be nominated as Medevacs. If an aircraft is shot down, or a ground unit is destroy survivors will be spawned as wounded and a task created for the medivac to go get them.

This can create some daring (ie. deadly) tasks to fly in and rescue comrades. Obviously it’s better to wait until someone has cleared the area of enemy to avoid a hot LZ!

The script is configurable so it can be tweaked to suit the mission it’s being used in. If things are a little quiet you can use the combined arms module to send in some units for a ground offensive (or use a Game Master slot to make the enemy attack). Once some units are knocked out there will be plenty for a couple of Medevacs to do.

Special credit goes to RagnarDa for creating this script. You can grab it and read all about using it here.


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