VERGEEV Campaign Mission 005

Mission 005 complete! I went through mission 005 but didn’t bother posting a full play through as it’s a fairly simple ‘fly out and return to base’ type of mission. After the crash investigation has concluded my flight is to escort the ground convoy back to base from the border area.

The challenge comes from the low light conditions and the low level flight around the buildings and obstacles. However, using the Shkval to lock the target up with the auto turn to target mode on the helicopter can basically autopilot towards any target. The mission states that I can’t be more than 800m from the target so it could be a bit tricky if you can’t see where the convoy has gone.

I went with a quick overview as the video doesn’t really show much in the low light. If you’re having trouble you might want to talk to the crew chief and get a pair of night vision googles swapped in for the normal Helmet Mounted Sight. Also you can fire signal flares to light up the area. Look out for a green signal flare marking their position when you reach them…

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