Update: ED offers 70% off coupon

Read the original story here.

Controversy over! Eagle Dynamics have today announced that all customers who paid full price for beta access to the Mi-8 module will be given a 70% voucher to use on a future purchase.

Here’s the original post on the deal:

‘…DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight, Pre-Purchase Beta. $49.99 now $19.99…’

Here’s today’s update from Matt Wagner, Producer of DCS World:

‘Dear all,

Apologies for taking a bit to respond on this subject, but we first wanted come up with a means of compensation for those that purchased Mi-8MTV2 at full price. We recognize that the sale of this product was too soon after the initial sale and we want to make this right. As such, all those that purchased Mi-8MTV2 prior to the Autumn sale will be receiving a 70% coupon for any current or future DCS product.


There was a lot of discussion about whether this was fair or good business practice. Obviously ED want to expand their customer base and cement DCS World as the mainstay platform for high fidelity flight sims whilst collecting top dollar on new releases but this was a little too close for comfort.

Great news all around and now I can look forward to a new module at 70% off, except I’ve already pledged for DCS World War II and pre-purchased DSC: Mig-21, so what shall it be?

Read the announcements here.

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