[CTB] Operation Stonewall Joint Operation

Sunday night saw OCB and various other groups invited to a CTB hosted tactical co-op Arma 2 mission: Operation Stonewall. 

It was quite a large turn out with the whole mission over-subscribed. With 48 slots basically full the server struggled to sync at the start, as expected. However once it was up and running and the odd bit of custom NVG code was removed we were under way in what turned out to be an enjoyable night.

You can check the briefing video here:

Arma mission makers make the game what it is. I wish the DCS mission editor could come close. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of ‘big concept’ missions. I’d have just as much fun if we were just conducting a simple patrol or a search-and-destroy mission. Big concepts open up plot holes for people to poke fun at. For one thing, how the heck could a AAA unit hit a UAV? They operate thousands of feet above AAA & SHORAD envelopes. If the UAV could be shot down or hacked how did anything survive to be recoverable? If the UAV lost link due to interference or failure why didn’t it auto-magically RTB? Honestly though, who cares. The mission was well planned and accommodated the large group of players.


Unfortunately some TS3 issues delayed some players (me) having functional ACRE for a few minutes. Luckily the CTB guys had all the admin, GM & crowd control resources to fix it in a timely manner.

Phase 1: Locate and destroy enemy comms tower

  • A1-2 takes the front right position in the assault. Unfortunately connectivity issues took out our .50 support gunner temporarily and my game just refused to do anything except walk. I checked my weight and I was only carrying 23kg.
  • During the front assault we moved up the right side of the axis taking sporadic fire and laying down a huge amount of return fire.
  • OCB units: A1-2 reached the outskirts of the target town, entered and cleared the compounds taking one wounded in Alpha fireteam to rooftop snipers. All enemy were engaged and destroyed before withdrawing back to the south side of town.
  • An enemy cache was located and destroyed in place. Unfortunately the resulting explosion as a little under-estimated, wounding several members with secondaries.
  • Thus ended phase one where my helmet cam ran out of juice *sad face*

Phase 2: Locate and recover data off a downed UAV

  • Phase 2, began after a long ass delay with A1-2 planned to stay in-depth in a blocking position as other sections assault different positions around the map
  • Moving out from phase 1 limit of advance we came under fire from suspected enemy machine gun positions. We returned .50 fire and continued to advance.
  • Upon entering our blocking position under fire a BTR-70 was spotted up the MSR we had just broken track from
  • A1-2 stayed concealed and watched the Northern, Eastern and Southern fields of fire. Staying prone and limiting movement & noise to avoid detection.
  • A javelin team moved to our position and engaged and destroyed the BTR-70
  • A1-2 then conducted a move north to a occupy an intersection to block an enemy quick reaction force
  • Multiple light armoured vehicles were engaged and destroyed approaching from the North West

Phase 3: Destroy SCUD Launcher

  • Phase 3 started in ernest with a javelin team locating and engaging the SCUD launcher at long range.
  • After the SCUDs destruction the small village near the SCUDs location to the north was swept of enemy fighters with A1-2 taking up the left flank.

I’d like to thank CTB Floydii and all of the CTB for the hard work put into this operation. I hope we can return the favour sometime soon.

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