[OCB] Tactical Mission: [GS] Naran Darre Pass

Taking the role of Special Forces Anti tank operator, our 4 man detachment was tasked with a side mission. This involved taking a hill top and using this position to engage AA units stationed on an opposing peak. Once this was cleared the main force Alpha & Bravo moving in Strikers could proceed down their MSR. We would then patrol south east to an enemy resupply depot and raid it to prevent enemy reinforcements intercepting our main force. We would then head west and setup an ambush to destroy any enemy reinforcements coming to the aid of the supply depot.

Unfortunately the weather was not agreeable so we could not engage from our designated location.  Instead we moved in and assaulted along the enemies flank. Following this we proceeded to the supply depot to conduct our raid. We engaged and killed several foot patrols en-route.

In a high ground position to the north we assaulted the supply depot using the left flank and sniper fire as cover. Once the supply depot was cleared we set charges and destroyed the enemy equipment, except for a 4×4 and a BMP command vehicle. Once we arrived at our ambush position to the west we engaged motorised infantry with small arms and an enemies RPG. Now the enemy airfield is surrounded with all resupply points seized or destroyed. Our blocking positions are in place for the final siege.

Categories: ARMA 2

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