Auckland Patch! CBD Shoreline

It seems that some data was incomplete around the Auckland CBD shoreline, leading to weird black areas around the Port.


Before and After (oops!)

At the same time, I was asked to improve the compatibility of the ortho for some scenery coming out soon. Around the Auckland CBD I’ve removed any boats, piers, ships, or extruding cranes, so they won’t be painted on the surface. I’ve also cleaned up the marinas and bays so you won’t see boats painted on the surface. This should look better and also play nicely with the new Auckland CBD scenery. You can read about kiwi_the_iwik’s project here. At the end of that thread are details of the Auckland CBD package which is underway, and it looks great! I also have NZAA and NZWP installed. Luckily this all plays nicely with my Ortho.

CBD Shoreline.JPG

A cleaned up shoreline. Now if a scenery pack adds 3D boats there won’t be a 2D boat painted on the ground under it.

Download this patch here!

Simply copy the images into: X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\zOrtho4XP_-37+174\textures

Quest Kodiak has been fixed
Finally, I’ve been flying around the South Island in the Quest Kodiak which recently received a patch updating it with the new X-Plane default G1000. It runs with much better performance now. Check it out:

Queenstown Approach2.JPG


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4 replies

  1. Yea looking soooo good! Going to have to do some FSE missions around NZAA

  2. AA and WP look good here, as well. Thanks for the fix. The Auckland CBD project looks very interesting, too. Who knows? With such a small land area, and so few main centres, NZ is a prime candidate for world leader in detailed XP scenery.

  3. Loving you work. Is the overlay for the North Shore messed up though? I have no roads over there and in the Parnell area.

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