Good news everyone!

So after a bit of faffing around and distraction, I’ve put a bit of effort into the ortho and come up with some results. Hopefully I’ll have some new releases over the next couple of weeks.

New things will include:

The rest of the North Island! Currently I’m not seeding anything in the North Island below the Waikato. So that’s a priority. 

Fixes to the mesh. Some areas were a bit wonky due to the elevation maps picking up distortions. This should be a lot better now. I’ll be releasing an update to every region with the new mesh.

Ortho photo fixes. There are still many regions that have some funky colours and seams, most of the country isn’t too bad. But slowly these will go away. I’ve also fixed some seams and weirdness on lakes, such as, at Queenstown and on Lake Taupo.

Airport fixes. Ortho4XP likes to mess with the mesh if it feels that an airport is coming up against an elevation change. The problem with this, is it creates a cliff at the airport boundary. This drives me nuts as there no way to edit the mesh in WED or fix issues other than re-running the build process and hoping. In the end, I intercepted the OSM data on affected airports so Ortho4XP wouldn’t know they existed and wouldn’t take drastic action, like adding cliffs to roads and rivers around Queenstown and Wellington. So flying into those airports should be a better experience.

Finally, the Hawkes Bay is no longer a desert!

Here’s a few pics:


Wellington Intl


Departing Queenstown with new mesh



Hawkes Bay


Queenstown with a fixed mesh


An edited Lake Wakatipu

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2 replies

  1. Awesome work as allways!! Now if ONLY I could find someone to do the same for PNG!

  2. good news indeed!

    in the meantime, i will keep on seeding 🙂

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