External HDD failed!

I think I mentioned a while ago that I was having problems with my external HDD. I used it to store Ortho4XP files and the torrents for the South Island. It got a bit weird on me but seemed to come right after I bought a USB 3 card for my PC. 

Well now it’s really not behaving. It doesn’t mount when connected, has a flashing blue light of death, and the PC won’t even POST with it connected. ARGH!

This means that for now I’m not seeding my own South Island torrent (sorry about that). I may actually need to re-download my own torrents because the zipped up packages were too large to back up on their own.

I did have the common sense to put the new North Island release on a different drive at least.

The good news is that, while I’ve lost my Ortho4XP files, I’ve not lost my work. I don’t have any redundancy right now, so I hope nothing else goes wrong. I’ve only backed up the Custom Scenery with DDS files. So to keep working, I’ll need to script a conversion to JPG and rebuild the Ortho4XP working folders.

It important to note that this drive has been working itself far beyond what is normal. I stored the torrents on it because I wanted to preserve my SSDs life. With torrenting, this HDD has been running 24×7 and uploading hundreds of GBs a month.

Here’s what my internet usage looks like:


The orange is uploading, something which is normally only about 20% of your download volume. That’s over 1.2 terabytes of usage in a month! You can see the big hit in usage when Windows decided to reboot, or the HDD fell offline for a while.

And if you think that’s a lot it has been higher:


So tomorrow I’ll be popping out to buy a new external drive to be tortured to death.

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8 replies

  1. Ouch! That’s nasty. Time for double or triple back-ups?

    Thanks for the first batch of revamped North Island orthos. I took a little trip from NZAA to Whangarei last evening, and it all looked very good (until the sun went down). Great work!

  2. Ghastly, data loss is. I first used PC in 1988. In all those years I’ve had 3 failures: slammed the lid on my desktop and killed HD. Buddy knocked over my briefcase and killed my Dell laptop. (That one really hurt. Baking up to 100Meg Zips disks was PITA!) But the one that really offended me? 3, 4 years back … I’d had a 1TB Seagate running 24/7 for many years and decided to upgrade to 2TB WD. Lasted about 3 months before it just turned itself into a brick. Painful!

    Take away? back up regularly; back up your backups once in a while; now and again create backups of those backups. (In R&D we had dailies in the office, weeklies in team leader’s office, and monthlies off site in fire-protected environment.)

    good luck!

  3. I can well recommend a handy app called Hard Disk Sentinel. I work in IT and use it on suspect “slow” computers and servers to give early warning or confirmation of failure, as it is rare for a drive to fail without internally generating some errors first.

    Most drives usually manage to work around these errors for some time, transparent to the user, until suddenly they fail or become very slow. We’ve all been there (!), and I need Sentinel more than ever as I keep adding SSD’s and internal+USB3 drives for XP11 files.

  4. Unlucky 😦 Check this out: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/ and freenas.

    Just received my new hgst hdd and hoping for a long life. 😉 And guess what: finally I can go for your sceneries. Thx a lot for your work! 😀 Sadly the seeders are low, looks like this will take some days/weeks. 😦

  5. Thx 🙂 got it and seeding now!

  6. You’ll most likely be better off with a seedbox instead, much more bandwidth and reliability.

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